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Manage invoices directly on Vault

Save and earn more with Canada’s #1 ranked corporate card

Supercharge your business with high cashback, granular spending controls, and cards for the entire team.


Corporate cards with the controls and limits you need to scale your business

Do it all with a single card

1% Unlimited Cashback

Earn on every single dollar spent. From the first penny to the last

  • No currency limitations

  • Automatically paid out, monthly

  • Spend $100,000 in January, earn $1k in February. It's that simple

Unlimited physical and virtual cards

Instantly issue cards for new vendors or recently hired employees

  • Empower all teams to spend responsibly

  • Easily manage spending with adjustable and time-dependent limits

  • Lock or cancel any card at any time

Automated receipt collection

Submit receipts for purchases instantly via SMS or email. Never worry about chasing employees for receipts again

  • Receipts are automatically tied to their corresponding transaction

  • Capture receipts anywhere. Whether you're at work, on the road or with a client

  • Save time and money at the end of the month while closing your books 10x faster

Accepted across the globe with no FX fees

Smart routing technology that matches the transaction currency to your Vault balances. Eliminating FX whenever possible.

  • Save significantly on business travel and foreign spending

  • Avoid fees on Facebook ads and marketing expenses

Go global

Streamline your banking with one platform

Everything you need to build a global and growing business


Supported Countries

Countries where you can pay vendors and partners


Transfer Currencies

Currencies supported for global bank transfers


Account Currencies

Open accounts in CAD, USD,


The card is just the start

Vault offers you a complete suite of finance products designed to save you both time and money

Multi-Currency Accounts

Set up accounts in CAD, USD, GBP and EUR. Become a local without managing multiple entities.

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Best FX Rates

Get the best FX rates in Canada. Zero hidden fees. Transparent rates. Save your business time and money.

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Accounting Integrations

Seamlessly integrate Vault with your accounting systems and consolidate your finance stack.

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"We love Vault! It took maybe 5 minutes to set the account. We use a virtual credit card for every vendor we use, as a Cyber Security provider we feel it’s the same principle as using separate passwords for every site. I highly recommend Vault and have also recommended to some of our clients!"

Andy Larin

CEO, AllCare IT

"Sending domestic and international wire transfers with no fees has saved my business hundreds of dollars per month. My old bank charged $20 for each wire that I sent and I could only send $10,000 at a time. With Vault, I pay no wire transfer fees and I don’t have to send multiple wires to pay one invoice."

Nathan Nasseri

Founder & CEO, ResVR

“Vault’s solution clearly differentiates from that of major banks and credit card companies in its agility, cost efficiency, and operational simplicity. In comparison to other similar fintech companies, Vault’s customer service is substantially ahead of that of their competitors from our experience.”

Tony Lam

CEO, Hook + Ladder Digital

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